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Giving Back

From mentoring SEMA Young Guns Next Generation of Automotive Builders to Charity Work. Grunwald has participated in a wide range of philanthropy, charity, and volunteer work for over 2 decades notably via Helping Hands Africa, Food Not Bombs, and Red Cross.  

1st Lutheran Church

Although Grunwald identifies as a Black Jewish American with Hungarian roots, he has spent time weekly donating food and food preparation service to the homeless throughout the Covid 19 Pandemic in at risk area's of South Bay and Los Angeles, California via 1st Lutheran Church in Torrance, CA. 

High School Outreach

Grunwald also participates in speaking to at-risk youth in high school & continuation school programs throughout the Los Angeles area sharing his personal story of struggle and growth laying his foundation of entrepreneurship. This is accomplished via In person dialogues and giving young people a first look at automotive creativity bringing demo cars to schools for a hands on experience to see what's possible with creativity, drive, and a dream. 

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